An Open Letter to Sean Kennedy

•May 12, 2009 • Leave a Comment

PREFACE: This is for Sean Kennedy of

Dear Sean Kennedy,

Or should I say Sean Hannity? I really can’t tell the difference anymore. You have more in common with the right wing conservative radio hosts than you want to admit I started listening to Rant about half way through season 1 of Patrolling. I enjoyed you at first because I loved the insanity of it all but slowly I started to get a kit together myself. I never became active in the community until a month or so before the group in Second Life. I even remember emailing Cimm if Rant was dead before then because the forums had long been gone and the site was filled with 404’s and stale content (just look at RantTV). When we first came into SL the excitement was palatable. There was and I was a part of a loose group think before you came in about how great it will be. I must say I have long since gotten my fill of your two faced and hypocritical ways. Something must have happened when you were in the army because as soon as you came back you were a politically correct pussy who went out of his way to keep from offending someone when in reality this self censorship has really started to drive people away. Last show in particular you offended me more than I thought possible by telling a kid who’s father was ill to basically ignore it. While your relationship with your parents is obviously strained as evidenced by the few times you have mentioned them that doesn’t give you license to tell others to ignore the health of a loved one take a turn for the worse. You even scoffed at the research done by Patient Zero and another wog. Old Sean would have at least loved the fact that the “flying monkeys” have done more research on the matter.

What brought me to Rant to begin with was I felt you were saying what I couldn’t for one or more reasons. I respected you for it and so did others. When I was introduced to your idea of sanitization I loved it because at the time I had just discovered adblock and adbusters. Now it seems you can’t stop whoring yourself out for money. I understand you have server costs but it didn’t seem to affect you that badly when you were actually producing more content than 1 show a week and over 9000 tweets an hour. Little do you know everyone mocks you for it as is because its so over the top and retarded. “Wah wah wah wah give me 5 dollars wah wah wah wah”. I remember you saying how you thought it was a bad thing that the pirate bay wasn’t making money. I’m sorry Sean but the idea you seem to have that you should be making more money than required to pay costs from the wogs is sickening. To bring this full circle the people at Pirate Bay after the hearing said they will not be accepting any donations because they didn’t feel it was right. Sorry Sean but I respect that. It is for these reasons that any past donations have become regrettable and any future, impossible. I feel ashamed to tell people to listen to rant anymore because of this and these points have been shown to me by people who had never heard of you before but noticed them after listening to your material for a month. You were a entertainer but your ego got in the way. You are not a god (nor does he exist, your constant verbal masturbation about the subject upsets me, but thats neither here nor there). While I still consider myself a wog and love the community, I cringe when I think about you. Is this your attempt at leaving? You have tried before and failed so I can only see this GROSS change in personality as that or just a general sense of “screw it”. Which is it Sean? But I’m sure you never got to this part as you most likely trashed the letter way before this, thats why I’m going to put this everywhere other than your mail box.


BigBrother Lord